Millionaire Mastermind Experience

The Economic Empowerment Program Designed for Female Entrepreneurs. Make your dream a reality and get your new business off the ground with this 2 hour mentorship experience.

  • Build a rich foundation by networking with successful female entrepreneurs in and around the Atlanta area.

  • During each experience, leverage the experience and knowledge of an industry leader.

  • You are not alone. Build a community with like-minded Christian female entrepreneurs through our Q & A sessions.

  • The Millionaire Mastermind Experience isn't just a once a month event. We're expanding to offer an online community as well. Check back soon!

Millionaire Mastermind Academy Sponsorship

Millionaire Mastermind Academy Memberships

Join the Millionaire Mastermind Academy today and unlock the resources your business needs to succeed. Coming Soon!

  • The Stater Membership is perfect for business with annual sales of $100k or less. Includes: Monthly Networking Opportunities, Reserved seating for Millionaire Mastermind events, Monthly Member Newsletters W/ Business Opportunities & Resources to grow your business

  • The Advanced Membership is for businesses with annual sales of 150k to 1 Million. Includes: Starter Level perks, plus: access to workshops and training sessions, quarterly Mastermind round-table meetings w/ business experts and community leaders, reduced fees for private Mastermind retreats, quarterly prayer breakfast, 1 monthly Leadership Development call, opportunity to be featured at an upcoming Mastermind Event, and access to live investor events.

  • Wanda Jones Pennyman, Founder – Food for the Whole Soul LLC

    “Attending the Mastermind events has helped me build a level of confidence that I had longed for all my life. Starting a business at age 56 seemed surreal since it has been my dream for 35+ years, but I am so proud to be a role model for my kids. The support I’ve found with Millionaire Mastermind is worth so much.”

  • Chioma Okeke, Founder/CEO – Choosing Nursing

    “The Millionaire Mastermind Gathering has helped me succeed! My whole life has changed because of this group. It has taught me how to be lady in life and in business, how to embody the spirit of excellence and how to really get my name out there so people know more about my business. I recommend it to anyone who needs guidance and direction towards becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

  • Gia Rutledge, Founder – ProEval Insights

    “You hear the successes other women are having and you are encouraged to take action. I always leave inspired with insight to keep pushing my business forward. There are so many women who are doing what God called them to do and they all have unique story of triumph and perseverance. I always leave full of faith and motivation to be better.”

  • Toshia Posey, Founder/CEO – Spirit Led Enterprise

    “I believe in the vision to end poverty and to help advance women entrepreneurs. This environment helped my confidence. My mind-set was transformed, and I began immediately seeing myself as the entrepreneur that I had become.”

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